Travel Takaful

Why Travel Insurance?

  • Weqaya Takaful Travel Insurance Policy is designated to provide protection for you and for your family whenever you are traveling.
  • Weqaya Takaful Travel Insurance also comply with schengen requirements, which help you when getting your VISA.
  • Our program is carefully designed to provide you with the coverage when an unfortunate event occurs such as Damaged/Lost Luggage’s, Death/Accidents, Medical Expenses, Personal liability, Delay of Baggage or Delay of Trip.

Takaful Benefits


    This Section reimburses loss or damage to luggage and /or personal effects whilst on the insured journey during the period of Takaful by any cause not excluded by the Takaful Membership


    This Section indemnifies the Covered Member if during the Period of Insurance sustain bodily injury caused by violent accidental external and visible means which results directly and independently of any other cause in:

    • Death
    • Loss of Sight
    • Complete loss of Limbs
    • Permanent total Disablement


This Section reimburses expenses necessarily incurred for Medical, Surgical, Diagnostic or Remedial treatment or other incidental expenses as a result of sickness or accidental bodily injury in the course of an insured journey.


This section indemnifies towards legal liability for claims made against accidental loss of damage to property of the third parties occurring in the course of the insured journey.


This section indemnifies for the emergency replacement of clothing, medication and toiletries if the Baggage is temporarily lost in transit during the outward journey and not returned to the Covered Member within 6 hours, provided written confirmation is obtained and sent to the Takaful Operator from the Airline Company, confirming the number of hours the Baggage was delayed.


This section indemnifies in case the departure of the Public Transport on which the Covered Member booked to travel from or return to Home is delayed at least for 6 hours from the scheduled time of departure due to the following reasons:

  • Strikes
  • Industrial action
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Mechanical breakdown or technical fault

N.B :

The above is a brief summary of cover. For full details of the Cover, Conditions and Exclusions, please refer to the Policy-wording which is available on request.

Section Sum Insured/Limit Excess
A. Baggage &/or Personal Effects: - Single Item Limit - Loss from unattended Vehicle Limit. SR. 10,000 SR. 1,000 SR. 2,500 (in all) SR.150/-
B. Personal Accident: (N.B: Depending on and varying as per the age of the covered member.) SR. 150,000 (Max). NIL
C. Medical & Emergency expenses & Medical Evacuation: SR. 163,000 (Equivalent to EUR. 30,000) SR.200
D. Personal Liability : (Including legal expenses up to SR 25,000) SR. 1,000,000 NIL
F. Delayed Departure: SR 375 per hour (After the first 6 hours) First 6 Hours
E. Delayed Baggage: Maximum Sum Insured (Indemnity for emergency purchases only subject to provide orginal receipt or purchase invoices ) Up to SR 1000 per hour (After the first 6 hours) Maximum SR 10,000 First 6 Hours