Property Insurance


What is the coverage.

Our fire policy covers the risk of fire, lighting as the base covers and additional covers such as storm, tempest, hurricane , tornado, earthquake, bursting of water tanks and apparatus, aerial damages or articles dropped from air, impact damages to the insured properties.

This insurance is well suited for individual customers to very large corporate clients and is a very need based protection for the properties. We also provide extra extensions of covers at fair prices.


What is the coverage.

Our Policy provides indemnity to our clients in case the insured properties sustain accidental physical loss, destruction and/or damage, resulting from any reason other than that excluded such as:

  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown
  • Property in course of construction or erection
  • Deterioration of property due to change humidity in temperature or
  • Riot or malicious acts
  • Strikes


What is the coverage.

Weqaya can also provide insurance to cover consequential losses that results if the business being carried on at the Insured premises is interrupted or interfered as a result of such premises sustained destruction or damage due to the occurring of Fire, Lighting or Special Perils.

This cove is operative only following material damage insurance under Fire or Property All Risks Insurances. Such policies also exclude:

  • Burning of property by order of any Public Authority.
  • Subterranean Fire
  • Fermentation, natural heating or spontaneous combustion

What are the standard exclusions - Applicable to all.

Weqaya Property insurance does not cover

  • War, invasions and civil war
  • Sabotage and Terrorism
  • Nuclear and radioactive damages

How to claim on our Products.

  • In case of any event of a claim please immediately give notice to the company with Policy details in writing.
  • Take all reasonable actions with due diligence to minimize, avoid or diminish the loss or damage.
  • Complete the claim forms obtained from Weqaya and submit the same along with available documents.
  • Weqaya promises to appoint the loss adjustors, when needed, within 48 hours of your claim and assist you to settle the claim promptly thereafter.
  • In the case of goods being lost or stolen or willful damages immediate notice should be given to the Police to recover any property lost,
  • It’s important not to negotiate, pay, settle, admit or repudiate any claim under the Policy without the written consent of the Company.
  • It’s important not to negotiate, pay, settle, admit or repudiate any claim under the Policy without the written consent of the Company.


The information here above is only indicative and not to be considered as full information. For full details, terms & conditions please refer to the Insurance Policy.