Health Takaful Insurance


What is the coverage.

Our Medical insurance “Health Takaful” covers the standard benefits of CCHI requirements. All the medical benefits arising out of acute and pre-existing diseases, maternity, optical and dental covers are built in the standard policy.

Health Takaful can also be suitably tailor-made with higher limits of benefits and to suit with your requirements for an increased medical cover.

WEQAYA has a wide network of medical providers that covers the whole areas of the kingdom and can be extended to cover other countries. ”Health Takaful” medical insurance plans covers you during vacations and business trips abroad. Emergency cases coverage can also be provided subject to notification to the company within 24 hours.

What are the standard exclusions of the insurance program?

The standard exclusions that are not covered under our policy include cosmetic surgeries, AIDS, dental implants, wars and earthquakes.


To find complete exclusion list please to review Cooperation Health Insurance Policy from CCHI

How to claim on the policy

Direct Billing

  1. Always keep your card to be used personally only.
  2. refer to the service providers listed near to your place .
  3. In case of inpatient claims the service provider shall attend to your claims with due. diligent and as is required.
  4. We have appointed Saudi Next Care as our claim administrator and they shall process your claims on our behalf and provide you with all assistance needed. They also provide 24 hours assistance, so please call tel.038988910 and mobile no. 0501345346 if needed.

Cash Claims Reimbursement

In case of emergencies or with prior approval from WEQAYA you can

  1. Fill the reimbursement form, obtained from WEQAYA, and attach all necessary documents.
  2. Weqaya promises to settle the claim within five days of your claim submission along with the documents.

Complains on claims

In case of any complaints on our claims administrator (Saudi Nextcare) please contact Weqaya Co. at telephone No.01 4501001 EXT 1018


The information here above is only indicative and not to be considered as full information. For full details, terms & conditions please refer to the Insurance Policy wording.